What is CashbackBaba?

CashbackBaba is a cashback website which allow users to shop online from their favorite marketplace like Amazon , Flipkart etc. and get extra cashback on top deals from CashbackBaba.

How can i find top deals on CashbackBaba?

You can select website according to category on all cashback offers, or you can select Paisa Vasul Deals from menu. 

How CashbackBaba give cashback to users?

CashbackBaba get paid by the retailers as a selling commissions and CashbackBaba directly share its 80% of commissions to its customers.

How to apply for cashback on CashbackBaba?
In menu go to Redeem cashback page > fill the form > follow instructions > click on “apply for cashback” .
How to generate complain for missing cashback?
You can simply go back to Redeem Cashback page and fill the form and just click on submit.
How you can generate your complain about any issue?
You can simply make  a complain and send us via contact us page.
What if you return the product?
You are not eligible for the cashback if you return the product.
What payment method does CashbackBaba uses to give cashback?
CashbackBaba give cashback through Paytm , Google Pay and Phonepe.
How much time will it take to redeem cashback?
It will take 35-40 days to give cashback because of return period, if you return the product, no cashback will be counted. CashbackBaba gets its commission in 60days. But we provide commission in 35-45 days. 
How you can suggest us to improve our service?
You can suggest us to improve our service by filling the feedback form.