Digital Ocean - Hosting Starting from $5 per Month only + extra upto $25 cashback from CashbackBaba

For managed database

For Droplets (non managed database)

Note - You must have to shop through official website not on mobile application and 12 month subscription.


1. First click on Activate Cashback button.

2. Signup and Login On Cloudways & purchase your hosting.

3. Make purchase on DigitalOcean via CashbackBaba.

4. After successful purchasing please go to redeem cashback page > fill the form > submit.

5. Your cashback will be transferred to your provided UPI number within 35-40days after expiring the product return period.


6. Make sure to provide us your paytm, phone pay and google pay contact details (through redeem cashback page) so that we can transfer your cashback.

7. Make sure to see Discount Schedule page  to calculate your Cashback Amount.

8. Must see Terms and Conditions so you can meet our cashback criteria.

Managed database $25
Droplets ( Non Managed database) $15
We can increase the amount of Payout when we get bonus.

1.  Make sure you purchase product within 12 hours only after clicking "Activate cashback" button on CashbackBaba.

2. Only one product per person or per IP address is valid within 24 hours.

3. Purchase must be done on Cloudways DigitalOcean India website not on Cloudways DigitalOcean application.

4. If you add product in cart it must be purchased within 2 days.

5. After clicking on activate cashback button on CashbackBaba, you must not visit any other coupon or cashback site or any other link to purchase product.

6. Add products into your shopping cart / wish list only after clicking out from CashbackBaba. Rewards will NOT track if the products are already added in the cart / wish list.

7. Make sure you purchase product on same session of clicking "Activate cashback" button on CashbackBaba.

8. If you have enabled ad block in your mobile and laptop your cashback may go missing . 

9. You have to purchase minimum 12 month of subscription to eligible for cashback.